Monday, May 16, 2016

The Fool

The Fool [FINAL]|259 mbWho said that only brave knights on white stallions can become Heroes? Witness the incredible adventures of a rustic Fool; travel with him to a fascinating world and help him save the butiful princess herine from the jaws of a terrible dragon. A Hero lives in every one of us! Journey to set your Hero free!
*Help the Fool deft the bstly dragon.*Visit the land of zombies.*Travel to Stm City – the stmpunk industrial center in decline.*Unveil a kingdom floating in the clouds and solve the mystery behind the UFO.*Loe dragon's lair and save princess herine.*Become a Hero!*Many inious puzzles and subtle humor!
Use in "USE THIS .TXT" to register game, no !Download Size: 283MB

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