Monday, May 16, 2016

The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising

The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising [FINAL] Major update!! v3.2.0.61061|105 mbBring hope to the people of Egypt in The Timebuilders: Pyramid Rising, an exciting Time Management game! Assistant to the Royal architect Senmut, you have been appointed the daunting task of reconstructing villages and bringing hope to the people of Egypt. Only you can save them from banishment to eternal darkness by the mighty god, Amen-Ra. Hire workers, manage resources, build structures and gather stone all while fending off alligator attacks and more!
*Fantastic gameplay*Awesome upgrades*Bring hope to Egypt!
*Major update! (50 mb larger)
*Also adds a tac-cm exclusive fix that Big fish seems to have missed
**This new version of the game includes the latest and most recent content, including additional levels beyond 30.

IMPORTANT:Save data will not carry over from the old build, so you will need to crte a new player profile if you update to the new version because the old profile won't work with the new version.Download Size: 105MB

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