Monday, May 16, 2016

Youda Survivor 2

Youda Survivor 2 [FINAL] |125 mbAre you rdy to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save your loved ones?
The adventurous spirit has never slept inside of you. A few yrs have passed since your last adventure and you have alrdy begun a new one: you have started a family.But your heroic deeds are needed again. Accept the call from the tribe’s shaman and help your befriended tribe face your common nemeses once again. Retrieve the missing sacred talisman and reunite the 2 gems that the tribe used for their rituals. Discover some of the lost rituals and lrn new ones to progress through the dangerous ars of the transformed island. Find and equip yourself with magical tribal marks to improve your chances of surviving.
Put your skills to the test in this epic journey. Meet new exotic crtures, lrn new magic potion recipes and explore caves for hidden trsures. Challenge the mighty pirates who have lrned magic rituals on their own. Crte your tale about the grtest hero of them all.
This game contains:*Over 100 levels*More than 15 hours of new game play!*2 modes*2 playable characters with unique characteristics*Many pirates with unique personalities*Many new crtures and machines*New battle and siege levels*Many hidden bonuses to be discovered*Survive this journey on an island unlike any other.Download Size: 127MB

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