Monday, May 16, 2016

Big Fish Led

Leds tell of a fish so big, only the bravest and strongest could
ch it. Guide Kitty through vivid side-scrolling worlds as he srches
for the ch of nine lifetimes! Help the furry feline to run, jump and
climb his way through a tropical jungle, a wintry wonderland and a
desert island, collecting gems and stomping on the hds of more than a
dozen enemies as he goes. In ch world, Kitty will need to collect
enough of a specific element, such as fire, to open the next world. To
rch his goal, he'll also need to vanquish four unique bosses, collect
eight trophies that will grant him special powers and rch new heights
on the backs of Kamikaze Birds. With more than 60 levels to enjoy, an
amusing story with a twist ending and a hero that will charm your boots
off, Big Fish Leds will have you purring like a kitten!

• Three worlds

• More than 60 levels

• More than a dozen enemies

• Comic book story scenes

• Four boss battles

Download Size: 29 MB

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