Monday, May 16, 2016

Boogey boy [Android]

Help a boy run from Boogeyman and other nightmarish crtures hidden in the night. Overcome different obstacles and don't forget to pick up batteries for your flashlight. A boy must run through the worlds of his drms and escape the nightmares. In the story mode he's running away from Boogeyman and needs to find a way to deft this monster. 5 different boosts that he can find during the game will help him with that. In addition, you can play endless mode and set records. With ch new game stages are randomly erated, so you can't be sily bored with this Android game.

Game ftures:

Grt graphics
Simple controls
2 game modes
5 different stages

Android 4.0 and higher

Download Size: 9.4 MB APK

Download Size: 100.2 MB Game Cache

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