Monday, May 16, 2016

Clutter 2 Pack

Clutter (1)

Cln up the Clutter in this amazing
Hidden Object game! Take on minigames and put everything in order again!
Progress through countless levels as you dash through ch stage and
try different modes of play. Randomly crted levels and puzzles give
you hours upon hours of fun! Can you take on the Clutter?

Tons of levels

Gripping gameplay

Cln up the Clutter!

Clutter 2: He Said, She Said

The Clutter is back and it needs to be
clned in Clutter II: He Said, She Said! Everything you loved about
Clutter and more is included in this exciting sequel! More levels, more
variations and more addictive than before. Everything is re-playable,
even the mini games! Adventure through 12 new lands as you try to put
everything back together again. The Randomly erated Puzzles will give
you hours of new challenges and gameplay. Will you be able to cln up
the Clutter?

Exciting Mini Games
Randomly erated Puzzles
Cln up the Clutter

Download Size: 239 MB

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