Monday, May 16, 2016

Dam Bvers

Like most ducks, Quax loves swimming. But today an unruly gang of bver baddies insists on building their dams upstrm, reducing his favorite swimming pond to a mere puddle. Determined to swim again, Quax has constructed a dam-busting apult to smash the bver dams and restore his pceful pond, but he needs your word-building skills to help him battle the bvers. Click letters to form words and give Quax the ammo he needs to demolish the dams. Fturing stunning artwork, hilarious characters, unique power-ups, and more, Dam Bvers is a blast of word game fun!

*Six Colorful Scenes
*Original Power-Ups
*Gorgeous Artwork
*Rich Music and SoundDownload Size: 25 MB

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