Monday, May 16, 2016

Dark Secrets

Step into the shoes of Arthur to explore the darkest depths of the human
mind, and be rdy to unveil secrets that would be best to lve

Dark Secrets is a first person adventure game set in small isolated
Scandinavian village. After five yrs, Arthur returns to home due to
his father's sudden dth. He inherits the family's old antique shop and
the countless of strange objects within that his father had collected
over the yrs. Through these mysterious objects Arthur begins on a
journey to uncover the dark secrets that are hidden behind the facade.

Game Ftures:

• Explore the butiful Scandinavian village of Calmwood and revl its
hidden past. Noting the change as the colourful world switches into a
dark and horrific place while you step further into the darkness.

• Experience a deep and engaging story through the eyes of Arthur, and
lrn of his family's troubled past as he unwillingly follows in his
fathers footsteps.

• Relive the feeling of a classic adventure game, and solve the
mysteries bound to the mysterious objects that are kept within the
antique shop.

• Interact with several intriguing and colourful characters, ch one with their own hidden motives and secrets to hide.

• Solve tricky puzzles and interrogate the local villagers to uncover the truth.

Download Size: 468 MB

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