Monday, May 16, 2016

Fortune Summoners: Secret of the Elemental Stone

So just what is Fortune Summoners, you ask?

Fortune Summoners is a story about being young. It's a story about
finding adventure, about doing good even when doing good is hard. It's a
story about owning up to your mistakes and making them right, and
facing down danger no matter what. Furthermore, it's a game.

In the country of Scotsholm, three centuries have passed since they were
first crted. Elemental stones are now mass-produced and widely used,
making magic a personal, commonplace part of people's lives.

In this country lives an energetic little girl named Arche. Arche,
having moved with her family to a new home in the town of Tonkiness, has
begun attending the only school in the ar. That school is the
Minasa-Ratis School of Magic. And it's here that Arche may discover
something amazing about elemental stones... and herself.


* A massive gameworld to explore - nrly a dozen dungeons to delve
into, and sily 25+ hours of gameplay, with lots of extra content to

* Gorgeous, detailed 2D sprite backgrounds and animations - like the best 16-bit game you never got to play!

* Classic platformer-RPG action in the vein of some of the true grts of yesteryr!

* Conquer the challenges before you with lit AI companions - you
can let them do as they want or customize their behavior to your
hrt's delight!

* Stunning, professional-quality music and sound!

* Full support for Xinput controllers, including the XBox 360 controller, as well as boards!

Download Size: 118 MB

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