Monday, May 16, 2016

Frat House: The Perfect Score

Welcome to Alpha Sigma Sigma House. It’s the best fraternity on campus
and you are the newest member! Polish off your toothy grin and sparkling
wink of the eye, then perform fast-paced Time Management tasks and
duties to gain popularity and score the girl of your drms. With a
little work, maybe one day you can become Frat House President too! Frat
House: The Perfect Score is a hilarious look at classic fraternity
antics and stereotypes. Presented in a cartoon style, filled with
slapstick comedy, suggestive humor, and a host of self-mocking
characters, it is the place to pledge your allegiance!

Game Ftures:

*Gain respect points from your frat bros

*Unlock exclusive frat environments

*Hilarious characters and fun challenges

*Unlock new characters at every level

*Become the ultimate college hottie!

Download Size: 22 MB

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