Monday, May 16, 2016


GooseGogs [FINAL] - Multi6 (/EN/NL/FRA/GER/IT/SP) - 73.1 MB
In this 2D jump’n'run you can control up to six different GooseGogs in order to traverse both varied and tricky 50 levels, without being defted by hostile GooseGogs, huge cogwheels, Gog-firing cannons and other drdful obstacles. To get to the finish line, you will have to rely on the unique skills of ch GooseGog, as well as their common wpon: the Anger Trail. Make your enemies pass through the Anger Trail to make them explode in anger!Better watch out! To succeed, you will have to use both brains and dexterity, especially when conquering the challenging boss levels! Here, you will need an extra helping of nerves of steel and the right amount of tactics.
* Winner of the German Computer Games Award 2010* 6 unique Player-GooseGogs with different skills and physics* 50 nailbitingly thrilling levels in 5 chapters, full of adictively innovative gameplay* Lovingly crted hand-drawn 2D graphics complemented by state-of-the-art 3D effectsDownload Size: 73MB

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