Monday, May 16, 2016

Griddlers. Ted and P.E.T.

A brave scientist Ted and his robot P.E.T. invent a time machine and hd over to the prehistoric age. Travel back into the past together with the main characters in an exciting game Griddlers. Ted and P.E.T.! Choose the mode: Beginner or Expert. And go ahd to explore different eras: Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Bronze Age and many others. You will solve numerous griddllers, also known as nonograms, – picture puzzles where the cells are filled in or crossed out according to the s written in front of the columns and rows. Wonderful trophies, butiful loions and exciting bonuses are waiting for you in the game Griddlers. Ted and P.E.T.!

Download Size: 27 MB



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