Monday, May 16, 2016

Into the Haze

Rescue a young girl from the clutches of
an ancient demon! Guide the central character of Into the Haze through
the mist of a hair-raising supernatural adventure, where she'll
encounter an ancient fog demon summoned by her sister-in-law in a magic
ritual gone wrong. Race to rescue's the heroine's daughter, Emily,
before the demon claims her prize. Your powers of observation will need
to be keen as you srch for hidden objects, and your puzzle solving
skills will need to be at their best as you cr*ck dozens of
brain-bending enigmas and complete mini-games unlike any you have
played. With chilling atmosphere to spare, visuals that will draw you
into ch butifully crafted scene, and music and audio effects that
will have you turning on your lights if you dared to play in the dark,
Into the Haze will provide an experience in horror you'll never forget.

Download Size: 537 MB

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