Monday, May 16, 2016

Jessica's Bow Wow Bistro

Serve up tasty trts for you and your pooch in Jessica's Bow Wow Bistro, a doggie adventure that's off the lsh!
Taking inspiration from a client's little Chihuahua, Jessica is looking to expand her cupcake empire by dishing up premium pet trts. No longer will the community canines be subjected to inferior ingredients like fillers and dyes. After all, a hlthy pooch is a happy pooch and they are part of the family.
Get Jessica's newest bistro booming by baking yummy delights for pets and their owners. Dazzle guests in 50 fun-loving levels with decadent d├ęcor and a kitschy kitchen where culinary crtions appse the palates of people and pets. Master your time management skills and fetch lots of cash to rn upgrades and expand your shops. Crte a menu of hlthy, tasty trts to achieve big rewards.
*Dish up gourmet doggie delicacies in this endring Time Management challenge.*Bake delicious trts and decorate them in 50 wonderful levels.*Call on assistants and throw bake sales for boosts in money and points.*Purchase a variety of upgrades and electrifying power-ups.*Crte delightful dog trts with over 60 rl recipes rned.Download Size: 67 MB

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