Monday, May 16, 2016

Mystery Riddles

The most powerful magicians in the
kingdom of Mysteria were once the Pictomancers, who had the power to
imbue painted or woven s with arcane energy. They have all but
disappred from the land, taking their secrets with them, but the Grt
Tapestries they crted in their heyday have kept Mysteria from harm...
until now.With the Grt Tapestries fraying and darkness returning to
thrten Mysteria it's up to you, the last Pictomancer, to quest
throughout the kingdom and restore these powerful s and save the
kingdom. Take on the journey in one of two modes, tackling either the
always-popular Pic-A-Pix puzzles or the brand new Fill-A-Pix! ch mode
offers 100 exciting levels to tse your brain (200 total), making this a
game you're going to want to play through at lst twice! Mysteria
needs you and its riddles await: Are you up for the challenge?

Download Size: 106 MB

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