Monday, May 16, 2016

Shadow Kings

In a fantasy kingdom, men, elves and dwarves have lived pcefully together for erations. But their carefree way of life has long been a source of envy among the crtures of darkness. After decades of preparation, an army of orcs, goblins and trolls have launched an invasion, and are thrtening to bring ruin to the once pceful world.

Shadow Kings allows the players to set up own cities and the first challenge will be produce resources and building up their settlement and the next one have to build up and army against dark forces of evil. Decide about fate of your town and inhabitans, their fate is in your hands. You will have to conquer enemy outposts and fight epic battles.

Shadow Kings is a MMO building strategy game. Playing together in alliances and navigating complex diplomatic possibilities demand strategic skill, while regular events and new content ensure lasting enjoyment. Everything what I say with butiful and cute graphics. Sounds like awesome experience, isn't it?

Download Size: 1 MB

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