Monday, May 16, 2016

Shtriga: Summer Camp

Capture the spirit of a dd witch
before she claims another victim! Summer camp has always been about good
memories and new experiences. But the children at one particular camp
never expected to be terrorized by a murderous ghost! When a mother
hires your services as a private investigator to find her missing child,
all you know is campers have been disappring faster than you can say
Rise and shine!After you arrive at the camp, you see a black morph
into a spectral figure, but you still dont know the full nature of what
youre facing. However, as you srch the ghoulish grounds for clues,
solve puzzles designed to stop you dd in your tracks and open doors
that revl bone-chilling new loions, youll draw ever closer to the
horrifying truth. Youll also come to rlize theres hope for the missing
kids as long as you overcome your frs and press on. If your spine
could use a tingle, or your blood a curdle, then play Shtriga: Summer
Camp today!

Download Size: 729 MB

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