Monday, May 16, 2016

Slingo Quest Egypt

We asked the fans of Slingo Quest where they wanted to explore next, and the clr winner was Egypt!

So we set on a quest ourselves to not only take Slingo to Egypt, but
also to level up the Slingo Quest experience with even more game play
and adventure.

Not only did we add new powerups like Lucky, Adders, Shuffle, Stop Spin
and Marbles, not only did we add new fun game modes like Picture Mode
and Sprding Slingo, not only did we add even more Mini Games like
Memory and Odd Man Out, we also added Slingo Friends with special
powerups, an exciting story line fturing all the characters, brand new
awards to accomplish and level specific star goals to challenge you
even more on ch level.

And what came out, is the grtest Slingo Quest of them all: Slingo
Quest Egypt - A top quality game packed with Slingo fun that takes you
on an exciting adventure through Egypt!

It contains these grt ftures:

* The Latest Fun Filled Slingo Quest!

* Brand New Powerups!

* Brand New Game Modes!

* Brand New Mini-games!

* Brand New Slingo Awards!

* Brand New Star Goals!

* High Quality Look and Sound!

* Grt Characters And Story!

* Multiple Top Ten Lists!

* Advanced Help System!

System Requirements

98/ME/2000/XP/Vista 1000MHz processor 256 MB RAM Sound Card SVGA Graphics Card

Download Size: 66 MB

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