Monday, May 16, 2016

Super Granny 6

Super Granny 6 v1.001[FINAL UPDATED] - 94.3 MB

Super Granny is back and rdy for action in Super Granny 6, her latest action-packed adventure from Sandlot Games! Download Game and Play for Free!
As Super Granny enjoys a relaxing picnic with her furry companions, one of her precious kitties wanders off and tumbles into a nrby hole. While trying to rescue her feline friend, she stumbles and follows her kitty into the seemingly never-ending pit. Now, in order to get back home, she’ll need to travel through a dangerous lost world inhabited by exotic crtures and rescue her lost kitty!Crte your own levels and share them with friends with the FREE level editor! Download additional level packs and vote for your favorites exclusively at Sandlot Games!With all-new enemies, a hilarious storyline, over 30 interactive items and unique bonuses awarded for in-game achievements, help Super Granny, the world’s oldest adventurer, run, dig and climb her way through 150 action-packed levels in Super Granny 6 - a puzzle-solving, item-tossing adventure!
# 5 all-new loions to explore# 150 levels crawling with granny-ting enemies# New items and power-ups# Build your own levels and share them with Sandlot Connect
v1.001 changes: This update repairs World 3, Level 24 by adding the missing kitty door. You cannot complete the game without this new version.Plse uninstall your current version and redownload the game. This new build will work with your current saves.Download Size: 94MB

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