Monday, May 16, 2016

Trinklit Supreme

Trinklit Supreme [FINAL] | 21 mb
Are you rdy for something completely new, different and fun?
Trinklit is a unique and very fun game. Deceptively simple, but challengingto master, it provides hours of enjoyable and relaxing entertainment. Startwith a simple game, and then unlock powerups and game modes as you go andcombine them into an endless variety of Trinklit games. Can you discoverevery powerup? Can you achieve all the awards? Can you bt every dailychallenge? Lots to do in Trinklit! Have FUN!
* Unusual! Addictive! Fun! Different!* Relaxing or challenging, make the games how you like.* Unlock new powerups and game modes and build completely new levels.* 15000 different levels can be built.* Daily Infinite Challenges!* From the developers of Slingo! Download Size: 20MB

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