Monday, May 16, 2016

Vampire Saga: Brk Out

spend your time in Vampire Saga: Brk Out investigating the cause of
the red-eyed plague that has turned the remaining townspeople into
murderous vampires. As a man of science, our hero will quickly come to
question logical thought and rson in favor of the horrors he’s seeing
before his eyes. There’s an evil lurking at the core of Hell Lock, and
it will be up to you to make your way to an epic confrontation at the
Vampire Saga: Brk Out is set to contain nine different hidden
object scenes and 36 different eye, or item scanning scenes. You’ll be
able to click on useful items in hotspots that will be placed in your
inventory, or can drag missing items onto their pictures to recrte
scenes along the way. There are 18 mini-games to solve as you progress,
and you’ll also come across 20 animated story scenes that are set to add
to the scare-factor in huge ways.

Download Size: 148 MB

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