Monday, May 16, 2016

Well, Hang On! 3 [Android]

NEW return of the led!
Limit of drms of all Soviet children! The favorite game got paints and became still much more interesting and more attractive now. By all mns get of a ridiculous, animated wolf ching eggs in your Touch phone. 100% plsure are guaranteed, it won't be boring!

full support of all Touch / Touch Screen/Stylus and board
game modes: classics and modernist style
adjusted level of difficulty: sy (3 trays) and hvy (4 trays)
even better graphics, even juicier animation;
a set of loions: "Stadium", "City", "Hawaii", "Wood", "Paul", "Frozen small river";
smooth incrse in difficulty;
very interesting Modernist style mode (bonuses, anti-bonuses);
dumping of penal points at achievement of 200 points and multiple further to 500 points;
abundance of soundtracks, not allowing to forget what you play in;
saving at any moment of the game;
UNIQUE ON-LINE system of statistics;
the project is executed in Russian

Download Size: 4.2 MB

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